Zü was created as an island of sanity for today’s overstressed world. Our slogan “It’s a Zü Out There” reminds people that life on the outside may be insane, but at Zü you’ll find an oasis from life’s reality. Relax in comfortable chairs, unwind by the fireplace, meet your friends, or browse the net on our free wireless internet.

Our baristas will not only make you a great latte or Zappuccino, but they’ll make you feel genuinely welcome. You’ll leave Zü feeling ready to tackle whatever life throws at you.

Zü Coffee started as a simple idea – serving freshly roasted coffee, freshly roasted beans, in an environment where people would leave feeling better than when they came in. We wanted a place that could make people feel rejuvenated about life.

The name Zü is a reflection of what we stand for – that modern life may be a zoo, but there’s an island of sanity where you can enjoy exceptional fresh-roasted coffee in an environment that restores your spirit. The spelling “Zü” makes us easy to remember and phonetically reminds you that Zü Coffee is your Annapolis refuge from the zoo that is daily life.