Zü Brew: Our house blend. Deep, dark and rich, Zü Brew is one mean cup of coffee to jump-start your heart.Italian Roast: A medium roast, rich smooth flavor perfect for sipping with friends while enjoying a pastry.Zü Brew Decaf: Rich flavor, but mild on the nerves when you want flavor without the caffeine.Espresso Roast: Our darkest roast used in our espresso drinks, perfect for those who crave a strong black blend that will stand up to anything.Zü Bold: Like a slap in the face just when you need it!Bed & Breakfast: A light roast combining the full body of our Columbian, the earthiness of of our Sumatran, and the complex, subtle tones of our Costa Rican.Half Caff: By popular request, we offer Half Caff when you want a gentle pick-me-up, without the full kick.Grounds for Divorce: A dark, deep roast that is strong enough to open stuck eyelids. There's nothing subtle about it, just strong coffee.

We also stock the best quality varietal coffees from eight different countries. We brew a different one every morning so you can find your favorite!

  • Africa
    Ideal for coffee lovers who enjoy coffee with a bit more body and enjoy the boldness of a darker roast. Ethiopian blends well with chocolate and makes an exceptional mocha java.
  • Africa
    Tanzania Peaberry
    Its smaller beans were once considered the runts of coffee, but now are celebrated for their concentrated, robust taste. Count on this coffee for some fruity zing!
  • Central America
    Guatamala Antigua
    We roast this high-mountain, volcano-grown coffee to a medium roast to bring out the earthy flavors that it brings to the cup.
  • Central America
    Costa Rican
    Is a light roast complex taste, mid to high acidity, excellent body and a full complex flavor. Enjoyed by coffee aficionados who appreciate the depth Costa Rican beans bring to the cup.
  • South America
    Grown high in the Andes, is one of the highest grades of coffee. Lightly roasted, it possesses a lively flavor and aroma, and finishes with strong body. Our Columbian is perfect for after dinner, or enjoyed slowly on Sunday morning.
  • South America
    A great coffee for whose who enjoy a darker roast. It has a light to medium body and low acidity which allows it to stand up well to darker roasting.
  • South East Asia
    Known for its syrupy body and rich earth tones. We dark-roast our Sumatran to accentuate these earth tones and allow the full, rick flavors to develop. The low acidity makes this the perfect coffee for a hearty breakfast.
  • South East Asia
    Papua New Guinea
    Grown in Papua from Jamaican Blue stock. It is a bright Arabica coffee roasted to a medium roast to bring out the sweet, clean flavor.

To keep your beans fresh at home, we always package them in light- and air-proof foil bags.